Change Your Life with Body Weight Training Forever

A body weight workout became a very popular way of working out in the past few years. There are a lot of popular videos out there about body weight training and if you’ve watched any of these videos you may notice one thing – these people have developed a great body look and strength.

I’ve been doing body weight exercises for about three years now and I started with my training because of the video below.

This man motivated me not only because his body, but because the movements he is performing. I’ve never seen these movements before and I decided to give it a try.

I didn’t have any equipment, so I’ve been forced to train on the floor only. I was doing a different variations of push ups, squats and crunches. After some time I found a pull up bar in the park near my home and that’s the moment when I’ve become addicted to body weight training.

In this article I’ll share with you some reasons why should you start with body weight training.

#1 It’s completely free

You’ve heard it right – a body weight training is completely free. The only equipment you’ll need to build a desired body with calisthenics is your own body. A body weight workout becomes very popular activity around the world and it’s not uncommon to see the parks that are mainly created for doing calisthenics.

These parks are rich with different pull up bars, so you can do almost any body weight exercise for free. If you want to be able to do it from your home, you’ll need to invest as little as 50$ to buy the best doorway pull up bar. With a home pull up bar you’ll be able to train in your home whenever and wherever you want. So forget about paying monthly gym membership!

#2 Your imagination is the only limit

In calisthenics, there are no limits with exercises. When you master the basics, you can simply add some additional weight on your or you can do some static movements that will boost your strength to inhuman levels.

The greatest thing about calisthenics is that you can always do something new because there are infinite variations of exercises.

You noticed a nice tree that’s suitable for some front lever, no problem, go there and do that front lever.

#3 Great way to add some muscles and strength

There are a various debates between gym and calisthenics athletes. People who’re working out in the gym tend to talk about calisthenics in a negative way. These people will often tell you that you can’t build muscle without weights. That’s a myth, and it’s completely false!

You can see the video below of people who posses inhuman strength. Also, look at their bodies. I hope this’ll break a myth you can’t build a muscular and strong body with calisthenics.

#4 You can work out wherever you want

A body weight workout provides you with complete location independence. Forget about commuting to the nearest gym and waiting in the long queue for equipment. You can do calisthenics in your home, in the park, in the nature, etc. You can basically do it wherever you want. The only equipment you’ll need for a basic training is your body and the floor.

#5 It’s a very fun way to train

I’ve been in different sports from my childhood and I can say that I’ve never tried anything more fun than calisthenics. The idea of doing a workout wherever you want is really exciting. I’m on this journey for three years now and I met some very interesting people, I travelled in a great and beautiful places and I learned a lot on this journey. It’s a very fun way to build your body to the next level.