Never Settle For Anything Less Than Greatness


Hello, what’s up? I’m about to write another motivational article. Today I want to write about the mediocrity. I want to write about an average man. We live in the huge society and that society set some rules to live by. That rules are standard for living a ‘long and happy life’. I think that something goes terribly wrong. Ask yourself why is there so much depressed, unhappy, anxious, pathetic, miserable people? I know it’s not possible that everyone live a happy life but why so much people live unhappy life? Believe me, it’s not a coincidence.

The reason why people in general are not happy is because they are living by the rules which are set by society. Do you know those rules? I’m sure that you know those rules but you are not thinking about those rules, you are not aware of those rules. That’s not good. You need to expand your mind, you need to realize those rules are bad and you need to be aware of those rules.

quote-Martha-Graham-the-only-sin-is-mediocrity-87974Have you ever heard for the word ‘mediocrity’? Mediocrity means the quality of being average or ordinary. Mediocrity means that you are not the best nor the worst. That means that you are in the middle. You are halfway up the mountain. You have some skills, but you are not recognized by those skills because you are not great in anything. You are just like everyone else, an average man. Do you want to be an average man? Do you remember that average guy Bob who was a nice guy with a nice family and with an ordinary job? Neither do I. If you want to remembered for something forget about the mediocrity. You need to be more than mediocrity. You need to seek for the greatness. You need to be great.

A lot of people are living by the rules of the society. Rules of society are like some scenario of the movie. You know everything you need to do, you know what will happen through the movie and you know the ending of the movie. Rules of the society are: born, go to school, get a job, go to work, get married, have some kids, pay your taxes, pay your bills, watch tv, listen to the news, work another 30 years, retire and then die. Nobody will remember us if we live that kind of life. A lot of people are living that kind of life. It’s really pointless. Why to settle for anything less than greatness? Why?

The answer to that question is comfort. People are seeking for the comfort. It feels great when you are sitting in the comfort. You are not feared of anything, you are enjoying. The goal of the most people is the comfort. They want a great job with nice income, they want a nice, big house, they want a beautiful family and wife, they want a fast car and that’s it. After that they can die. They accomplished everything they’ve ever wanted. That’s the life for those people.

Comfort-zoneLiving in the comfort zone is ‘nice’, you feel comfortable. But is this is the life? No! You can’t grow as a person in your comfort zone, you can’t experience life in your comfort zone and above all, you can’t reach for greatness in your comfort zone. I know it will sound mean, but get a fuck out of your comfort zone and experience life.

You want to do something, you are fat and you want to start working out. The problem is that you always have some excuses. “I don’t have a time for the workout, I’m too tired for the workout, I’m too fat for the workout…” You say that you will start working out tomorrow. But guess what? Tomorrow never comes. Months and years will pass and you will be the same fat boy who is watching tv and eating junk all day long. That’s the average. Do you want to be an average? Don’t make excuses, get yourself out of your house and start working out NOW. Remember that tomorrow never comes.


That’s the body of an average man. Do you really want to look like that man on the picture? C’mon, it’s not that hard to be in the form. You just need to workout. Anyone who say “I don’t have a time for a workout” is lying. How is it possible to not have a 20 minutes for yourself? You have all day for the TV shows, but you don’t have a 20 minutes for the workout. One big BULLSHIT. Look at the picture once more. Don’t be that guy.

You have a great goal, a great dream? That’s great. But it’s all you have. You have your thoughts. You don’t have nothing. If you want to achieve those great things, you need to be great. You need to rise above mediocrity. You need to work hard. You need to challenge yourself. Average people attract other average people. They don’t like the great people. They are jealous. Fuck them, who cares about those people? Do you believe in yourself? How much effort you are giving? It’s not enough. Push your limits everyday.

In the end, you will be old. When you will look at your life, do you want to see a bold and courageous man who achieved greatness or you want to see an AVERAGE man? Take some time and think about that. Nobody will remember you if you die as an average man. Figure out what you want to be, you have a time. Don’t waste your time on unimportant things, waste your time on things that matter. We all have a certain amount of time, so the time is your most valuable asset. You can buy whatever you want, but you can’t buy the time. When you are out of the time that’s it. You are done.

Think once again. Do you want to be an average or you want to be a GREAT man? Never settle for anything less than greatness.


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