The Most Valuable Asset You Have


What is the most important asset you have? Do you have a lot of assets? Do you know what is the asset? Do you know the difference between asset and liability? You don’t need to answer to those questions because those are irrelevant.

We are living in the materialism era. We are all at the competition. We are competing with whole human race. Do you know what I’m talking about? We compare each other way too much. That is one of the most common reason why we are not living a happy life. Comparing. If you are looking for the way to be unhappy, compare yourself with others. Congrats.

You know, you buy a new car not because you like it. You buy it because you think that you will be the boss in your town with that car. You think that people will admire you because of car you are driving. You want to be extremely rich. It is ok to have money to afford whatever makes you happy. It is a great thing. But people often buy useful stuff with that money. They buy stuff they don’t even need. They buy stuff to prove something to society, to prove they are valuable member of society. Lame.

What is the most important asset you have? Is it your car? Maybe it is your house? No? Then it must be your airplane? Yes?

Can you tell me what is your most valuable asset? I’m curious. I really am.

The most valuable thing in the world

The thing is that the most valuable asset is not something you can touch. It is something greater than that. You can be the richest man in the world, you can have all the money in the world, yet you can’t buy it. What is it?

We all have it but we are not aware of it.

The most valuable asset you have is your time. What? My time?

You heard it right. The most valuable asset you have is your time. Think about it if you don’t believe me. Think about it for a moment and you will realise that I’m talking the truth.

You may wonder why the time is the most valuable asset. It is simple to explain.

We all have a certain amount of time. It is given amount of it, but you don’t know for sure how much you have. It is not like other assets. You have a bank account with money. You know exactly how much money you have. You have two cars. You know exactly how much cars you have.

It is not the case with time. Time is a gift. We got that gift at birth. We have some amount of it, but we are not sure about the amount left.

Also we have freedom with time. We are free to do whatever we want to do with time. We can read, we can talk, we can play, we can jump, we can run. There is no limit. You can decide what you want to do with it. Isn’t it great? Yeah, we have a freedom.

The biggest problem is that people are not using their time wisely. They are wasting their time on unimportant things. They play video games all day long and keep telling they have a time for their career later. It is the most usual scenario you can see today.

Do you see people who spend their money on unimportant stuff? Of course. You can see it a lot. But the majority of people don’t have money for those things. They are aware of every coin. They are aware of their asset. Why it is not the case with the time?

Time is way more valuable than money and whatever else. Time is something which is given to us. It is a gift. You need to realise that. The sooner the better.

Look, you can work on 9-5 job you don’t like and you are repeating to yourself that you’ll start the business. But everything stops there. You are talking but not doing a thing. You think that you’ll have time for that later. You are wrong. It is the same with workouts. You tell tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.

If you have a dream, start working hard on that dream right now. You don’t know how many time you’ve got. Nobody knows that.

Imagine that at the some point of your life someone tells you:

„You will die in a month.“

What will be your reaction to that? What will be your reaction when you know that you have only 30 days left? Maybe you’ll laugh. But if it is serious, will it be the same as regular? I’m really sure that it won’t be the same.

You have a control

You will be doing things you truly want to do in your life. You will dump all the things you don’t like. You will quit your job, you will pause your video game, you will get out of your room, whatever. But you will experience life. You will live to the fullest.

Stop wasting your time on things which are not important. Stop wasting your days playing video games, watching TV shows, on social media, etc. Stop it. Stop act like you have all the time in the world. Because you haven’t. Your life will pass really fast. Faster than you may think. Faster than blink of the eye.

Use your time wisely. You can control it. You can control what you do with your time. Do things that matter. Work on yourself, work on your dreams. You have only one life. Live it like a king.

What is the most important asset you have?


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