How To Read More Books


Do you consider yourself as a regular book reader? Do you read everyday or do you read once in a month? Sometime is hard to find a little extra time to read some piece of art. Sometime you don’t have an energy for reading the book, you feel tired from your boring work. It’s easier to sit in front of TV and watch your favorite TV show.

But is it rewarding as reading? I don’t think so. There is not much benefits of watching TV. Of course you can watch a documentary movie, it could be of benefit. Watching a TV show is a time-wasting activity.

Do you want to read more books but you simply don’t have a time because you are working for 12 hours per day and the first thing when you come home is your bed? For every problem there is a solution. There is also a solution for reading more books.

Why to read more books and watch TV less?

Why to watch TV less? That is the same question like question above. And the answer is: It is good for you. Reading a book is good for me? Of course it is. There are so much benefits of reading books. Can you find one benefits of watching TV shows? Only one? I thought so.

There is no benefit of watching TV shows. That is for the losers. You are not one of them, so try to reduce your time in front of TV. I’m not perfect, I watch TV shows too. Everyone is watching some TV shows. But the difference between me and others is that I’m watching TV shows on a different way.

What is the difference? The difference is that I will watch TV show only when I do everything I need to do that day. Only if I have some little extra time. The average person will watch TV whenever they want. They have a work to do but the rather watch some TV.

„Give me just 5 minutes…“

The favourite statement of an average person. After 2 hours, just 5 minutes. And so on. The day will pass in front of TV.

Benefits of reading books?

There are a lot of them. I don’t want to copy anyone. I will tell you my benefits of reading books.

See things from another perspective – by reading books you will read a lot of stories, you will read about a lot of life events, you will read a lot about some person. You will live the life through their eyes, through their lens. You will notice how the people act different in the certain situations than you. That is the magic. When you can see a things from another perspective it could only benefit you. Let’s say you are talking with a stubborn customer. You are telling him one thing, he is telling you another thing and that circle never ends. When you can put yourself in his body and you can watch the world through his perspective you may find the problem. When you know what the problem is – it is easy to find a solution.

Ultimate guide for self-development – by reading a non fiction you can learn so much. You can learn things you’ve never thought before. It is really amazing how much things you don’t know. It is really amazing how much things you can learn from one book. I’m the huge fan of non fiction. I read fiction too but it is on rare occasions. When you read a non-fiction, you put in your mind so many possibilities. When you read a book called ‘How to win friends and influence people’ you can see how easy is to get what you want from people. When you read a book called ‘The richest man in Babylon’ you can see how easy is to become rich. Every book is a gold mine for your brain, for your ideas. The books will expand your perspective.

Improve your focus and memory – by reading books you will improve your focus drastically. That is the most notable benefit for me. You know that we are living in the information era. Almost everyone have an internet access. Internet is really good thing but if you don’t use it for the right purpose – it can be your worst nightmare. Internet is a huge distraction. You will lose your focus by surfing on the internet. How many times you want to search something but you end up on something else? That is a distraction. When you are reading a book, you can focus only on the book without distractions. After some time you will feel the difference. You will be more focused than ever. By reading books you consume a lot of information you need to memorize. After some time you will memorize more and more from the books. You will improve your memory by reading.

Make you more attractive – by reading books you will become more attractive as a person. If you have a habit to read, you will have so much information in your head, you will have so much subjects to talk about, you will become more attractive person. You will become knowledgable about so many stuffs. It will be a pleasure to talk with you. You will become well-rounded in so many fields. No more embarrassing moments in the company of ‘high’ educated people. Does it sound good to you?

How to read more books?

„I don’t have a time for reading the books.“ – The most common statement of an average person.

Day has 24 hours for every of us – how is possible that one can read a book per day and one can’t read a book per year? We all have the same amount of time per day.

It is all about time management. Some people are better at organizing their day, some people don’t know to organize their day and some people don’t have a time for reading but have a time for watching TV.

How to read more books?

I’m sick of those people who doesn’t have a time for anything productive. They are lazy motherfu*kers. Friend of mine said that he doesn’t have a time for reading the books, but he has a time for playing video games all day long.

I know it is not my problem, it is his life. But the point is that so many people who say they don’t have a time for reading the books spend the majority of their days on the low value activities. They are wasting their time.

Audio books

If you are commuting to work you can listen the audiobook. Instead of doing nothing in the car, bus, or whatever, you could use your time more productive. If you need 30 minutes from your home to your workplace it is perfect for you to have an audio version of the book.

You spend 1 hour on commuting per day doing nothing. You can listen to audiobook for 1 hour per day. You can finish one book per week without any problem on that way.

Still don’t have a time for reading?

Wake up one hour earlier

The best way to read more is to wake up one hour earlier. That is working for me, that will work for you. I wake up one hour earlier every day so I have a little extra time for reading the book.

If you think that is hard to do. It is really not. I’m not an early riser but when I wake up earlier I feel so much motivated for my day. Motivation will help you execute your day.

Everyone can wake up one hour earlier. How bad do you want it?

Read one hour per day

One hour is 1/24 of the day. It is really nothing. I guarantee that everyone can find that extra hour for reading. How much time you spend on social media per day? What are you doing on Facebook? Scroll down the page to see something interesting. Lame.

Instead of wasting time on social media, invest your time in yourself. Invest your time in developing yourself. Invest your time in reading. It will be more rewarding than low value activities like a social media, a TV, a video games, you name it.

If you are working too much and you feel so tired for reading the books, you can always wake up one hour earlier.

If you read one hour per day, without any problem you can read one book per week. It’s really not that hard.

Still don’t have a time for reading? Don’t make excuses. Don’t be lazy. Do the real work.

Final words

You have a time for reading. It is everything on you. Do you want to grow or do you want to stay at the same place for whole of your life? It is your decision. I can’t make it for you. Stop making excuses. Excuses are for the losers. You are not a loser, you are the winner.

„I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”  – Groucho Marx


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