The Most Valuable Asset You Have


What is the most important asset you have? Do you have a lot of assets? Do you know what is the asset? Do you know the difference between asset and liability? You don’t need to answer to those questions because those are irrelevant.

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How To Read More Books


Do you consider yourself as a regular book reader? Do you read everyday or do you read once in a month? Sometime is hard to find a little extra time to read some piece of art. Sometime you don’t have an energy for reading the book, you feel tired from your boring work. It’s easier to sit in front of TV and watch your favorite TV show.

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How To Become A High Value Man


Hello everyone! Today I’m going to write about high value man. I’m sure that all of you heard about high value man. I’m also sure that the majority of you want to become one of those. How to become a high value man? What does it takes to become one? What I need to do to become one? Let’s start.

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Never Settle For Anything Less Than Greatness


Hello, what’s up? I’m about to write another motivational article. Today I want to write about the mediocrity. I want to write about an average man. We live in the huge society and that society set some rules to live by. That rules are standard for living a ‘long and happy life’. I think that something goes terribly wrong. Ask yourself why is there so much depressed, unhappy, anxious, pathetic, miserable people? I know it’s not possible that everyone live a happy life but why so much people live unhappy life? Believe me, it’s not a coincidence.

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How To Be Happy

It’s saturday night and I’m at the home. You may think that I’m pathetic because I’m not going out and enjoy in life. It’s contrary. I’m here right now and I’m writing. I like to write. It’s my passion and I’m enjoying every second of it. I’m drinking an indian tea and I’m thinking about something. Thinking about people, about society. Thinking about happiness. You see a lot of people in your day. If you pay a closer attention to them, actually at their faces you can see something in common with the majority of that people. First, you will rarely see a smile. You will see a lot of pain, suffering, grief, sadness, you name it. Majority of that people are not happy. They are missing the point of life. They are missing so much that world can offer. World is one huge place and if you don’t have a right mindset it can be your worst nightmare. With the right mindset world can be a beautiful place which can offer you so many opportunities. It’s on your hands to utilize those opportunities.

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The Most Important Person in Life

You only live a certain amount of time. You don’t know how much time is left for you. Maybe today you will go to sleep and never wake up. Today is maybe your last day on this beautiful world. You don’t know. Nobody knows.

Do you live a happy life or life full of regret?

We are the social creatures. We need to socialize with other people everyday. It’s in our nature. We are spending our time with other people and sharing our time with important people in our lives.

Who is important person to you? Your mom, dad, cousin, girlfriend? Of course they are important to you, but the real question is: Who is the most important person in your life?

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