4 Tips To Boost Your Productivity


Hello there, I’m about to write something important for everyone. I’m about to write something about the productivity. We all know what is productivity and we all know an importance of productivity. Do you find yourself productive through your day? Do you procrastinate too much?

I know it’s hard to stay productive all day long. It’s really hard to focus on things which are important in this information era. You know, we can talk with our friends through social networks, we can scroll down through reddit, we can watch our favourite TV shows, you name it. We have access to everything and all we need to do is to click.

How many times you know that you need to do something important but you procrastinate? I’m not sure for you, but I’m really familiar with that. Procrastination is our enemy. We need to learn how to beat that enemy. I will present you some working tips which will boost your productivity.

1) What is your morning routine?

Do you have a morning routine? Maybe you think it’s not important to have one, but it is important. Everyone should have a morning routine. Morning routine is something that will motivate you to execute your day.

How to create a morning routine?

It’s really not that hard when you are aware of it. You need to write down everything you love to do in the morning. Write down 5 things that you enjoy to do in the morning. Now look at the list and think about those things. How much time you need to do those things? Morning routine shouldn’t take you much time. Let’s say that everything less than 30 minutes is great. If you are satisfied with your list, congratulations you have your morning routine. One thing you need to have for your morning routine is self-discipline. It’s not easy to do those things every morning, it’s not easy to wake up 30 minutes earlier every morning. Push yourself through the first few days and after that it will become easier and easier. It will become your habit very soon.

Why is important to have a morning routine? It will motivate you for your day. It will boost your motivation for important things you need to do today. It’s important to be motivated because it’s hard to be productive if you are not motivated. You should give it a try.

2) Plan your day in advance

Before you go to the sleep, you should make your to-do list for the next day. What is a to-do list? A to-do list is the list of the important things you need to do. Notice that I bolded the word important. It’s bolded with a reason. You should put things on the to-do list which are extreme important to you for some day. You should put things what you really need to do. Maybe that are not the things that you like to do, but those things are of great importance.

Let’s see, you know that you have an exam in two days and you haven’t started to learn yet. You know that you need to learn for that exam because you need to pass. You should put learning to your to-do list. I know you will rather watch your favourite TV show or surf on the internet, but those things are not important right now. The most important thing right now is to learn for the exam. With that approach you will increase your productivity so much. You will do important things that matter to you instead of procrastinate.

Here is the list of some (free) software for creating your to-do list:

I’m using my notebook because it the easiest way. Just write whatever you want.

3) Reduce distractions

When you are working on something important like writing, reading, learning you should remove a distractions. Remove everything which distract you. Put your mobile phone in the other room, turn off the computer, disable the internet connection, disable access to any social network. I know it sounds hard, but man gotta do what man gotta do. Be a man and remove everything what distract you. You will see how much you can do without those distractions. That thing is an amazing productivity booster. Give it a try and you will see a lot of positive changes in your life and in your work.

4) Do what is important

Don’t waste your precious time on things which are not important. Time is your most valuable asset. You have a certain amount of time in your life so why to waste it on something unimportant? You need to figure out what is important to you and what is not important to you. It’s individual thing. You need to figure it out for yourself and by yourself.

One person is game reviewer, so playing games is really important for that person. It’s not time-wasting activity. Other person is writer, so writing is really important for that person but playing video games is an unimportant thing.

Important things will vary from person to person, so like I said, you need to figure it out by yourself.

Do you find that article helpful? Please give me the feedback in the comments.


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