5 Signs You Are People Pleaser


I see a lot of guys who want to please everyone. I don’t want to tell that I’m perfect, I do it to from time to time. It sucks. It hurts. They want to impress everyone they met. They think people will admire them or like them if they do or say the „right“ thing. They analyze every possible situation. They are desperately seeking for the approval from others. They are seeking for some attention from others. But is it the right way to treat others and yourself? I think that you will agree with me that it’s not the right way to live. If you recognize yourself in those lines you should change that toxic behavior. That behavior won’t bring you approval from other nor their acceptance and you need to put that in your mind. That behavior will destroy you, so you need to stop doing it to yourself immediately. In the following text I will try to cover the behavior of people pleaser. If you find yourself that you are doing something from the list, you should change it.

  • People pleaser seek approval from others
    Every human who is people pleaser will seek approval from others. Why people do that I really don’t know, but I know that those people are low in self-esteem. You need to stop seeking approval from others. You need to seek approval from yourself. You need to accept your insecurities and realize that none is perfect. Nothing is wrong with you. You are imperfectly perfect and beautiful as you are.
  • People pleaser seek for the „right“ thing to do or say
    Those people believe that they need to say or do the right thing to be happy and to get people like them. It is so wrong. People are different, they like different stuffs to do. You will never say or do the right thing to please everyone. Yes, you maybe do something they like and you get some attention from them but you can’t do this for long time. People will realize that you are fake. How insane is to live your life like the performer who is seeking for validation and approval?
  • People pleaser care too much about other people opinions
    They care way too much about opinions of other people. They sabotage themselves to the point that the other people opinion is more valuable than their opinion. You shouldn’t care about people who don’t matter and care about people and things that matter. Also check How To Not Care What Other People Think About You.
  • People pleaser is not the priority in his life
    Those people will always put someone else in front of themself. They will do things they don’t like just to impress others. Their number one priority is other people. They will put other’s needs first because they think that it’s selfish to put their needs first. They will do things they don’t like, go to places they don’t want to be just to please others and to get some approval from others.
  • People pleaser is dishonest
    Those people are so dishonest. They don’t want to show you their true self. If they do something wrong they will try to cover it and hide it. They are avoiding conflicts because conflicts won’t give them approval from others. They are performers who say and do what they think people want to hear.

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